We are loaded and more than ready to go…..

After a long time we were packed and sitting on the bikes again, happy for all the new adventures which were waiting for us.

Two days before our Korean visa expired, we were on Seoul train station, planning to put the bikes on the cargo train and send them to Busan. But we were told that the cargo train between Seoul and Busan is not operating anymore. So we asked the train station staff if they could make an exception and put the bikes on the passenger train, like many times before, but they were not ready to help us and they were rather stuck with them rules.

We had only 2 days left to exit the country. Two bikes and no way to move them from Seoul to Busan, from where we wanted to take a ferry to Japan.

But we were on the right place at the right time when we found out that we might be able to extend our Korean visa. This was a very good news for us; it meant that we would be able to cycle to Busan.

Next day we went to immigration office and extended our visa. It gave us more than enough time to relax and prepare for our cycling adventure which started sooner than we planned (we wonted to start cycling in Kyushu island – Japan).

Above: Mirko and I living our home in Seoul for a 600km long journey to the south

Our friend Chantal made us our last, delicious vegetarian lunch, before we started to cycle out of Seoul. It was pretty late when we left that day, but we were happy to be on the bikes again and living a big city behind us for a while.