Time for a visa run

We left Kyoto station around 9 pm  on the 21th september 2006. We still had a few hours to go until the last train stopped working, so we could made the destination between Kyoto and Shimonoseki (on Kyushu island from where we were taking ferry to S.Korea) shorter and had less journey to do the next day.

When the train finally stopped on a very small, deserted station it was way after midnightand and there was no one except us and the worker who was closing the station for the night.

We found a nice cosy spot just around the corner from the train station, where we had a good night sleep under the stars.

The morning was quite chilly, but nice and refreshing. We were both ready for a long day which we would spent jumping from one to another train.

We arrived to Shimonoseki just in time to buy the tickets to Busan(S. Korea) where we were going to extend our Japanese visa.

It was short, but nice visit. We saw some friends, eat Korean food, and had a nice weekend selling our creations, trying to remember few Korean phrases which we learned before.

Monday came and it was time for us to go back to Japan.

When we arrived to the port, they told us that there is no space on the ferry we had return ticket for.

We were a bit shocked and didn’t know what to do, cause if we would miss this ferry ,we would miss the flight from Osaka to Okinawa.

There was a misunderstanding and they didn’t reserved the place for us, which we thought they did.

The ferry was full. Usually it would be ok, but on this same day that we wonted to return back to Japan ,there were hundred’s of Korean student’s going to visit Japan too.

Luckily there was an option left, if we didn’t wont to miss the flight, which we already payed for. They had last 2 tickets left, for the first class.So lucky!!!!!!

So another night ferry, this time in a first class cabin, and day of jumping from train to train, until we arrived to Kyoto, which was our last destination.

We spent a nigh with Be and Tamara a beautyful brother and sister, which we met on the last festival, a week ago. It was nice to see them again.

I also had a chance to finaly see my friend Bear, which i met in Izael 7 years ago. We kept on missing each other since he came to Japan. It was very nice to see him after all these years. We talked for an hour and than was time for us to go to sleep.

In the morning we waited for him to come back, but he was a bit late and came 5 minutes after we left for Osaka airport, where we had a flight back to Okinawa.