enjoying ancient temples of Angkor

Hello dear friends. It has been again a long while since we updated our blog. hihihihi…..

We are very good.  We left Bangkok a week ago  and are now in Siem Reip – Cambodia, enjoying beautiful temples of Angkor. We took a 3 day pass which is valid for a week so we can enjoy the landscape, ruins and people not needing to rush. Tomorrow will be our last day exploring the ancient city starting again very early – around 4am. I am excited to see another beautiful sunrise.

 We will maybe stay one more day to prepare for the journey and than east towards Kompong Cham where we will decide if we will go south to Phnom Penh or north towards Laos. It all depends how long it will take us to come there.

from Sisophon to Kralanh

This morning we woke up quite early (6.00am). The sky looked very cloudy and there was no sun, as Mirko predicted the evening before. But it was not raining, which was good.

While Mirko was out on his fruit mission for breakfast, I checked my email and the weather forecast for the day, which said we should have lots of rain during the day and  the evening will give us clear skies.

Mirko came back with lots of yummies for breakfast. He brought some tomatoes and cucumber, bananas and Chak Ang – banana covered with sticky rice, wrapped in a banana leaf and then grilled. The interesting thing is that after being grilled the banana becomes red so for a little while we were not sure if it is banana or not. It looked like some kind of sausage…hihihiih

For breakfast we had cold tea and chocolate oat biscuits. We ate some bananas and we each had  Chak Ang.

We went downstairs to pack the bikes, get the water and then we left. We went back to the crossroads and turned left, then we started cycling toward Kralanh, 50km away and Siam Reap, which was 100km away.

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Leaving Bangkok

After a few days of delaying our departure from Bangkok we were finally ready and very excited to start cycling again. We decided to take a train out of Bangkok because of the big flooding. So we only had to come to the train station.

We had our little adventure before we even started hihih…Our first stop was the post office.  I didn’t know if I should wait or just leave because there were so many people and we didn’t really have that much time, but as the line was moving fast, I decided to stay and post the parcels.  (I had to send a necklace to Clark and another one to Zuzka). I came out at 11:50 which was the time we already wanted to be at the train station; instead we were still very far, close to Chatuchak market on the other side of Bangkok. Continue reading

from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng

We woke up just before Sylvia, our Italian friend, knocked on the door to say goodbye. She saw that I had just woken up and asked me with questioning eyes if we were sure that we wanted to leave. I smiled and told her that today we will leave for sure, maybe not as early us we wanted to, but after breakfast we would head out. Most of our friends left this day as well. We had a great time, met many beautiful people and had lots of fun. However, it was time to leave and see the rest of Laos. We had only a one-month visa and had spent 10 days only in Luang Prabang.

It was a beautiful day, and we were both feeling ready to finally leave the city.  We packed the bikes, had sticky rice and coffee, and said our goodbyes to our friends.  On the way out of town, we stopped for the last, delicious banana coffee shake and then started to pedal out of town. We were excited to see what was in front of us. Continue reading