We arrived in the night and slept on the port. When we wake up we figured out that we have to do something with all the heavy luggige. So we found a big home center and bought 2 wheels which made the travelling much more comfortable….
You have to know we are not back packers hihih and i don’t think sombody else would like to backpack with all our havey stuff hihihihih…….

Above: Mirko and the heavy wheels, early morning in Sapporo.

With the new wheels the walking become much more enjoyable, and we had to walk quite far to find a nice place for hitchhiking.

In the beginning we were not sure if people knew what we were doing, but we were patient and after an hour the first car stopped.It was Buddhist monk who took us the first 15km out of the city.
Now we were standing on the road going to Sapporo, so all the cars going that direction had to pass us.

We were standing by the side of the road looking at our luggage and thinking…… It would be good if a big van with only one person inside would stop and 5 minutes later a big fancy van with one driver stopped .” MAGIC”

He was not going far, only 30km, but we were moving which was important. We both fell asleep and when we woke up , we were much further than 30km.
And the driver sad :”We are going to Sapporo!”

Still can’t believe that the man went so many km out of his way, just to bring us safe and sound to our destination.

And this is how people of Hokkaido are.They have big hearts.

We really liked Sapporo, spent there a week and finally made some money for new adventures hihih. We also find a nice spot in the park where we spent most of the mornings, cause this was the time when we were going to sleep.


Above: Mirko and friend Waiki having fun in the streets of Sapporo

There was a festival comming up, called Ainu Moshiri, which was our next destination.