flying to Thailand

The year 2006 was ending, our Taiwanese visa was finishing and we had no other way, than to fly out of Taipei airport to Bangkok, Thailand.

We are trying to avoid planes, but from Taiwan there is no other way than flying or taking a ferry back to Okinawa, where we came from.

So we flew, cause we didn’t have other options and there was also rainbow gathering happening in Thailand, which we didn’t wont to miss.

After arriving to BKK airport we had to repack our belongings to the cycling bags and put the bikes back together again.

What a mess…

Above: Mirko attaching the pedals

We didn’t leave the airport until the next day, cause we were tired and it was in the middle of the night when we arrived. So we squatted a quite place in the airport and had a good night rest.

Above:  Fully packed and ready to leave the airport

Arriving to BKK was very exhausting and a bit stressful too.

We arrived to the new airport which is far away from the center and we had to cycle on a big highway full of crazy traffic.

It took us a whole day to come there and when we did, we were very happy that the hell was behind us.

We spent few days in Khau san rd. area in BKK, where we met lots of our beautiful friends and aranged all what we had to.

We took a train to Surath Thani from the small train st. just on the other side of the river. It was quite tricky to put our loaded bicycles on the small boat which took us across the river.

But we managed.

We were the other side and were on a train going south.

Above: rubber carpets from a rubber tree drying on the sun

Above: Mirko bringing the last bits of luggage in the rainbow camping

Below: Karin and me in our camp

We had a great time at the gathering and had a hard time living it one month later. But we were excited cause there was now four of us cycling back towards Ranong. Nikky, Simon, Mirko and me.

We made our firts strech of 50km when we had a lunch break and 10 min. later our journey was finished.

I was hit by a car. So no more cycling for me for a while.