Finaly the big trip we wanted to do for a long time….

A big dream we had since 2001 was about to happen. It was when we wanted to sell our Yugo car we were living in for the last year and start with a cycling journey from Europe to Asia . We sold the car though but didn’t manage to cycle to Asia at this time.

We were so excited and were trying for 3 days to sit on the bikes and go, and than when the time was right it finally happen. It was Saturday 21.6.08 when we were finally ready…

It still took us almost all day, until everything we wonted with us was on the bikes and we were ready to start pedaling.

It was quite late, around 5pm. when we left garage…but it was good day to make our destination to Japan a bit shorter. We say good by to our friend Ilonka and made our way through the center to my fathers place, where my mum was already waiting.

Above: Me and my little sister Eva    Below: Me and my brother Rok

All my family was there so we gave them hugs and kisses and we left towards Dolenjska road where we started to cycle towards Kocevje, where my grandmother Mamabina is living.

When we arrived to Skofljica we turned right to a smaller rd. which took us to the only cycling path in this part of Slovenia. And so we left the busy road behind for a while.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning, the sky was blue with only few clouds here and there and there was no more traffic. We were following the valley between two mountains, passing the fields and small villages.


The rd. was excellent. It was an old rd. following a beautiful spring through the forest.

The spring was very inviting, but we had to move on cause it was getting late and we were no’t moving very fast. There was still a big hill in front of us and the trailer we get from our sponsor AZUB was very loaded.

It was the first time we were traveling with the trailer and the first time in our cycling history that i was cycling in front of Mirko.

We passed a nice house covered in cool paintings where we met 2 cyclist who told us that the climbing will start soon. It was a hard mission and it was my turn to help Mirko, so every few meters i parked my bike and went back to push his. And like that we slowly manage to come to the top where Turjak castle was.

Mirko was finished. I never saw him so exhausted, he told me that in one point he felt so weak that he almost throw out.

Last meters to the top of Turjak castle.

We were feeling much better the next day.

We had a very good sleep after all this hard work and were ready to go and visit my grandmother.