To Nukus and the way to Khiva

Next day we woke up early in the morning, had some tea and apples, while waiting for the truck Ismail tried to arrange.

Some time passed and no cars arrived, so we decided to catch the train instead, from the train station in Qaraqalpakstan (some 25km south), or hitch a lift on the way. Before we left we promised Ismail that we would come to visit him in Urgench.

We went to say goodbye to Venera and her husband, but were not allowed to leave without coffee and breakfast.

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85km till the Uzbekistan border

We woke up in the morning still feeling tired. We slowly crawled out of the tent, made breakfast and tea and took time to enjoy it. We were thinking about the train, when it passed buy. Mirko said “We just missed it.”

It was a bit cloudy so we didn’t feel like rushing. We took water from the well, packed our bikes and start the journey towards the border. The trailer was making strange sound when the wheel was rubbing against the cart. So we tried to fix it. But it didn’t make any difference.

What we should do? I asked. We were again in the similar position like the day before; just the village was now behind us some 10km. We decided to hitch to the border. The truck passed by, but it was full so we didn’t have a chance. 30 minutes passed, than an hour and there were still no cars and no trucks to be seen from either side. Continue reading

Endangered Site: The City of Hasankeyf, Turkey


We first heard about it from 2 travelers when we were crossing Syrian – Turkish border. They told us we should see it soon, because it might disappear in few years because of the Ilisu Dam Project.

We had no idea what was waiting for us, but were excited to see it. We were still few days ride away from it.

It was close to sunset time when we were arriving to the village, surrounded with hundreds of caves all around. (Some were on the banks of the river, some high up in the mountains).

We passed the small shops and restaurants and came to the bridge crossing the river, now big and strong because of the rain. The site from the bridge took our breath away.

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