back to the Sea

We had a great time in Kocevje spending time with my grandmother. We were singing songs, eating delicious food and talking for hours. It has been a long time since i saw her the last time and i was happy we could spent some good time together before we left, on our long journey to Japan.

I was very happy that we choose this road. It was beautiful and very hard. I think we couldn’t choose more difficult road from Ljubljana to Croatia but it was worth it.

We left my grandmother in Kocevje and start cycling towards Croatian border and Delnice.

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Finaly the big trip we wanted to do for a long time….

A big dream we had since 2001 was about to happen. It was when we wanted to sell our Yugo car we were living in for the last year and start with a cycling journey from Europe to Asia . We sold the car though but didn’t manage to cycle to Asia at this time.

We were so excited and were trying for 3 days to sit on the bikes and go, and than when the time was right it finally happen. It was Saturday 21.6.08 when we were finally ready…

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