Back in Okinawa

Even though we wouldn’t mind to go to some more festivals which were happening in the main land, was very nice to be back. It was already end of September 2006 and we didn’t save any money till now, for all the journeys we wonted to do next.

There was Thai rainbow gathering happening in December and we wonted to cycle a bit in Taiwan before that. So it was really time for us to start saving some money.

Also our friend Heather was moving out of her beautiful house on the cliff, where we spent the first 2 weeks and left all our belongings 2 months ago. So we had to move everything to our new place in Chatan, where her friend Allen was living and where our new home will be for a while.

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Time for a visa run

We left Kyoto station around 9 pm  on the 21th september 2006. We still had a few hours to go until the last train stopped working, so we could made the destination between Kyoto and Shimonoseki (on Kyushu island from where we were taking ferry to S.Korea) shorter and had less journey to do the next day.

When the train finally stopped on a very small, deserted station it was way after midnightand and there was no one except us and the worker who was closing the station for the night. Continue reading

10 Days transformed in 2 months

Ainu moshiri was our first real japanese “omacuri”(festival) , it was the door to another world we were about to explore. The beginning of a very magical journey, where we met
lot’s of beautiful people which paths would cross ours again and again.

We stayed on the festival for a week and had an excellent time, lots of beautiful music and musicians, singing, dancing and conecting to local people and japanese from the main land.

After few days it started to rain, and it was realy pouring down when we decided to leave the magical Ainu area and go to make some money at the rock festival near Saporro.

Tony and Reiko, a very beautyful couple, we met at the festival decided to join us, so they gave us a lift ,which didn’t finish in Saporro but in Kyoto almost 2 months later.

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We arrived in the night and slept on the port. When we wake up we figured out that we have to do something with all the heavy luggige. So we found a big home center and bought 2 wheels which made the travelling much more comfortable….
You have to know we are not back packers hihih and i don’t think sombody else would like to backpack with all our havey stuff hihihihih…….

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We left Okinawa and flew north to Sendai. We bought a one way ticket and i tell you it was very expensive (well we were flying in JAPAN in HIGH SEASON hihihihih…).
Sendai was still a day journey with the train from Aomori, which we did the next day, cause we just missed the last train for 10 min.
We had a wonderful day, blue skies, green landscape passing by and very refeshing air after Okinawian heat.

We changed lots of trains before we finally reached Aomori, were our friends were waiting for us.

So now was time to make some money after spending most of it to come here, hihihih….

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