Back in Okinawa

Even though we wouldn’t mind to go to some more festivals which were happening in the main land, was very nice to be back. It was already end of September 2006 and we didn’t save any money till now, for all the journeys we wonted to do next.

There was Thai rainbow gathering happening in December and we wonted to cycle a bit in Taiwan before that. So it was really time for us to start saving some money.

Also our friend Heather was moving out of her beautiful house on the cliff, where we spent the first 2 weeks and left all our belongings 2 months ago. So we had to move everything to our new place in Chatan, where her friend Allen was living and where our new home will be for a while.

A new chapter was about to begin, in a new house with a man we didn’t even know.

But we were excited and we were looking forward for all the new adventures which were waiting for us in Okinawa.

Our friend Yuko chan, came to pick us up from the airport and took us to Chatan, where we met with Allen. Together we went to his place, our new home for that time.

It was just by the sea, very cosy and inspiring and only 10 minute with the bicycles from the spot where we used to open our shop.

We enjoyed our time with Allen.

We create many new things in his home, but the selling was slow …the time was passing… and our departure was coming closer.

It was a week before we were leaving and we still did´t have much in the wallet. It was not enough for the journeys we wonted to do next.

We were sitting at home preparing for the weekend selling, when a friend of Allen came and told us, that not far from where we were leaving there was a festival happening and that he think it might be good for us.

We sat on the bikes and went to check the place. It was a festival for all the Okinawans living abroad, so every 4 or 5 years they all come here and make a big festival.
We opened our shop near the gate us we always do and try our luck. It was good, many people passed and we already sell few things. And than a man came and told us that we can’t sell there.

We were not surprised, we were expecting that sooner or later something like that might happen. But we were very lucky.

He said that today is OK, but tomorrow we have to open INSIDE…he show me to follow him and i did. We came to the place just in front of the big main stage and he explained that this is where we can sell for the next few days until the end of the festival. He even gave us the table and the light.

I was nicely shocked and didn’t really understand what just happened. But the angels were helping us and by the end of the festival we had enough money for our journeys.