ferry to Taiwan

After the festival in Okinawa which filled our wallets, we had just enough time to pack all our belongings and get ready for Taiwan.

We took an evening ferry which was passing beautiful Miyako and Ishigaki islands before arriving to Keelung, the port on the northern tip of Taiwan.

I love ferry trips, i think they are magical. You are not here and not there but in between where the time and space have different dimension.

It was late when we finished with all the bureaucracy on the border. So all we could do is find the hotel and spend the night. It was the same hotel we slept few years ago.

The next day we took a train to Taipei, where we had to register and change the paper for the visa. We were a bit angry when we found out that they gave us only 2 weeks, which is not enough at all. But everything happens for a reason.

We left the immigration office and went to the train station where we left some luggage.
We were also meting Maki, a friend of a good friend. It was very nice to see her. We took a bus to the area out of Taipei where her family was staying and where we would live all the heavy things we didn’t need to carry around.

In the evening they took us back to Keelung, where we left our bicycles and from where we started cycling back to Taipei. It was short but nice journey . We had quite a stormy weather, but it didn’t matter cause the landscape in the northern Taiwan was so beautiful.

We visited YELIOU GEOPAR which is on the way from Keelung to Taipei.


Above Left: Maki’s sister, Mirko and Maki Right: Mirko and Maki

Above: Bamboo bicycle

Above: Tofu shop

Above: different kinds of Tofu
Below: happy me in a stormy weather

Below: funny signs on the Taipei metro

Above: ready to fly to Thailand